How to show the active file in Visual Studio?

While working on big project we will navigate so many file of solution explore, but if we have to know where am in this solution explorer, then it will be difficult to find out.

But if we will change the setting in Visual studio then it will be very easy to find out the exact file path

Tools – Options – Projects and Solutions – Track Active Item


How to bring Full Screen Mode in Visual Studio 2015 ?

Recently I was taking the screen shoot of code from visual studio, then I observed that there is also option to do full screen mode in visual studio.

This will be very handy when you are giving the presentation or taking the code screen shoot from visual studio.

For this option, you have to go view menu then Full Screen or Shift+Alt+Enter


If you click on full screen mode then you will see window like this


We learnt that how to make full screen mode in Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2015

How to use Corflags tool of Visual Studio to check 32/64 bit of dll ?


Corflags is the inbuilt tool of Visual Studio which is used to find out the type of .dll i.e 32 bit, 64 bit or any CPU. This tool is available in Visual studio 2005 onward. i.e. VS 2005/2008/2010/2013

These are the following steps to check in Visual Studio

Step1 : Go to visual Studio command prompt like this


Step 2: Make Sure that Corflags is working in your system

Type the Corflags in Command Prompt like this


Note: if this syntax is not working then there is some problem in Environment Variable of the System
You can fix this issue like this post

Step 3: Go to the file Location of DLL and type the syntax like this in below image
Corflags AjaxToolKit.dll


This is the short summary to determine the type of dll

Any CPU: PE = PE32 and 32BIT = 0
x86 bit: PE = PE32 and 32BIT = 1
64-bit: PE = PE32+ and 32BIT = 0

I hope this will help to some body.

How to remove dotted line from VS 2010 ?

In my VS 2010, i was getting dotted line like this


Then i removed this dotted line like this

Approach 1: Press Ctrl+E,S

Approach 2:Toggle it on/off with: Edit > Advanced > View white space